Full Screen Please

The Concept for the game was pretty simple-- I wanted to recreate a strange moment from my life where I was with my dad driving through the mountains a few winters ago. I was depressed and over-medicated and tired, and taking pictures of things I saw along the way. A week or two ago I found those pictures and nothing from the trip was memorable, I don't remember a single thing I now have the pictures of. So this game is about being driven, having someone talk at you, and not being able to control anything. As the player,k you have the illusion of agency. You can't ever see the pictures you're taking and they have no interaction with any state of the game, so really they don't mean anything. And that's what I wanted to do, make a game to simulate a microcosm of depression and vulnerability. 

You use your mouse to  look around and Space to look through the camera, and click the mouse to take pictures. What I enjoyed about making this game was developing a tone and kind of space where you have the illusion of interaction without interaction itself. It was a fine line but I think I got pretty close to what I wanted to do. What I didn't like doing was dealing with my 3D models because while the modeling itself is fun, I struggle with coloring and implementing them, so I lost probably 5 hours to 3D modeling and my models are still super basic. Overall I am, satisfied with the project I've been able to put together in such a short amount of time.